Information Technology Office

Photo of the ITO Service Desk with students sitting nearby.

The Information Technology Office (ITO) supports the College of Education students, faculty, and staff by providing technology facilities, data networking services, and digital media equipment.


College of Education students, faculty, and staff can reserve

  • technology classrooms
  • conference rooms
  • huddle rooms
  • equipment for checkout or classroom delivery

For general inquiries regarding reservations, email the Service Desk or call 512-471-4357.

Services Overview

The ITO provides a wide array of services for the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Education. To request any of the following services, please email the Service Desk.

Checkout of laptops, projectors, and other digital media equipment is available to College of Education students, faculty, staff, or anyone currently enrolled in an Education course. The loan period varies with the type of equipment borrowed and the demand for it. There are no charges for this service, although there could be a loss of privileges due to equipment turned in late. Delivery of equipment to rooms in SZB can also be requested during ITO Service Desk hours. For a more detailed list of ITO Service Desk policies and procedures, please see: ITO Service Desk Policies and Procedures. Reservations are encouraged and can be made using the ITO’s online reservation system. Reservation requests should be submitted at least 48 hours before a resource is needed.Patrons should come to the ITO Service Desk in SZB 4.316 and present a current UT ID to pick up equipment.Available equipment includes but is not limited to: 

  • Apple Laptops
  • Laptop Pointer/Remote Control “Clickers”
  • HD Digital Camcorders
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Portable Projectors
  • Speakers
  • Conference Phones
  • Tripods
  • Dongles
  • Apple Laptop Chargers

The ITO provides computer and other technical assistance to College faculty and staff. Submit assistance requests for all technical matters to the ITO’s Help system. If computer access is down, call 512-471-4357.

E-mail the Help Desk

Videoconferencing allows for audio and video communications between you and a classmate, professor, or guest lecturer who is not able to physically attend a class or meeting. You can host a videoconference in a room in the college or from your personal computer at any location. Participants are able to remote in using software installed on their devices. More information is available on our wiki

If you are an instructor interested in using video conferencing in your class, contact the  Office of Instructional Innovation.

Video Conferencing Tech Support is available via the Service Desk.

Code 42, formerly CrashPlan Pro, provides many benefits, including:

This free service is for university-owned computers only. Send a message to to request the backup service.

  • Perform repairs or part replacements.
  • Fully support any hardware or software not specified by the College of Education laptop requirements.
  • Give a 100% guarantee of the proper backup of user data.
  • Sell hardware or software. Contact the Campus Computer Store.