How We Support Texas

As a nationally ranked college of education at the state’s flagship institution, we are committed to leveraging the scale and reach of the university and all its resources and strengths to positively impact the educational outcomes in Texas. The College of Education is deeply concerned by the COVID-19 pandemic’s negative and disparate impact on the educational and emotional well-being of Texas children. We are uniquely positioned to work collaboratively and collectively to develop evidence-based and scalable programs that will support the success and thriving of all children, families, educators, schools, and communities across Texas.

In addition to our PreK-12 initiative, the College of Education is committed to promoting postsecondary access and opportunities across higher education through research programs and initiatives such as Project MALES and the L.E.A.P. Lab. We will continue our work throughout the state of Texas to push these and similar initiatives forward.

The College of Education works collectively with university partners, systems, leaders, and “grassroots” constituents in the field, and the broader education and health ecosystems to design innovations that can drive transformation at scale and be sustained within existing educational and healthcare structures.

Texas Educator Preparation Pathways Study

The College of Education at UT Austin, in partnership Educate Texas and educational leaders and stakeholders across Texas, commissioned a study before the pandemic to examine how different pathways towards teacher certification lead to different outcomes for students and for teacher retention.

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Texas Education Research-Practice-Policy Partnership (RP3)

When university researchers, practitioners, and education stakeholders from across Texas came together to address the impact of COVID-19 on kids, schools, and learning, they recommended the establishment of a Research-Practice-Policy Partnership (RP3). The RP3 would provide a statewide mechanism to respond to urgent needs,  and work to identify best practices and evidence-based solutions that can be evaluated, adapted, and scaled across the state to support the positive development of children, families, schools, and communities.

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Supporting PreK – 12 Students Post COVID-19

In Spring 2021, Dean Charles Martinez and state leaders convened a group of researchers and education stakeholders from across Texas to discuss the resources needed to ensure that all students recover and thrive in a post-COVID world.

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From the Front Lines

Dean Charles Martinez hosts an ongoing series of candid conversations with College of Education alumni and partners who work in Texas schools as administrators and teachers about the extraordinary challenges they have faced due to the pandemic.

From the Front Lines