Undergraduates can choose from majors and minors that cover health science and promotion, as well as sport management and culture to become teachers, therapists, coaches and doctors. Master’s and doctoral programs are designed to educate students while engaging in impactful research and real-world work experiences that prepare them for a meaningful career in sport and health related fields.

Undergraduate Programs

Study the basic and applied movement sciences as you prepare for a career in health and fitness, personal training, strength and conditioning, sports performance, coaching, teaching physical education, and physical activity or public health.

Athletic trainers are health care professionals specializing in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries related to physical activity. Athletic training is also appropriate for students interested in continuing their education in medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant or other health care professions.

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This major is ideal if you are interested in health professions and sport sciences. You will be prepared to go on to earn graduate and professional degree or pursue a career in fitness, health and sport thanks to the applied nature of the program.

Explore concepts of public health and health promotion from an interdisciplinary perspective. You will develop a strong foundation in theory, epidemiology, program planning and evaluation. Many of our graduates go on to careers in public health, community or university health promotion, government, and non-profit health agencies, or graduate and professional education in a variety of fields.

Examine the world of sport and physical culture from a humanities and social science perspective. Courses in this program focus on the philosophy, history, sociology, and ethics of physical activity and sport culture.

Focus on the sport industry from a business and organizational perspective. You will learn how to manage organizations, athletes, and events from the perspectives of marketing, economics, public relations, management and law.

Graduate Programs

Study exercise physiology using an integrative approach to discover and disseminate basic, applied and clinical knowledge regarding the metabolic, cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and autonomic nervous system responses to exercise and physical inactivity in health, aging and diabetes. Our graduate students conduct a focused line of research by working with faculty mentors. Their cooperative work builds a foundation of knowledge critical for the advancement of the field.

The Health Behavior and Health Education Program is aimed at addressing concerns in public health. This program covers topics ranging from curbing risky behavior to educating communities about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Get a broader perspective in either kinesiology or health education by conducting research and participating in clinical opportunities in and outside the university with our renowned faculty.

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Explore aspects of biomechanical, neural and neuromuscular mechanisms of human movement with applications to development and aging, skill acquisition, elite performance, and rehabilitation following chronic or acute injuries. Our graduate students work in collaborative multi-disciplinary teams with faculty mentors on focused lines of research to address basic and applied questions, using kinematic and kinetic motion capture and electrophysiological assessment of neuromuscular function.

This unique program brings together several fields related to sport culture studies. Students are encouraged to choose coursework from multiple areas, integrating history, Olympic studies, cultural studies, sociology and gender studies, law, political science and ethics/philosophy.

Our sport management master’s programs prepare students to work in nearly every facet of organized sports. 


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Phillip Salazar

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Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor

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Undergraduate Advisor

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Undergraduate Program Coordinator

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If you are interested in preparing for certifications within the fields of kinesiology and health, a specialization is a great supplement to your major. We have several to choose from including health and fitness instructor, coaching, medical fitness and rehabilitation and others.

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KHE Minor

The minor gives you the opportunity to take courses that focus on health behavior, human movement, physical culture, sports and more. If you are not in a Kinesiology and Health Education Department major, you can enroll in this minor.

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Physical Activity Courses

The Physical Education Division (PED) offers courses in conditioning and competitive sports that keep students healthy and active. Physical activity courses are provided on an elective basis and are offered to students, faculty and staff.