Minor in Kinesiology and Health Education

two students offering health services at a pop up clinic


The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education (KHE) offers a minor which gives undergraduate students from outside the Kinesiology and Health Education major the opportunity to take courses in health behavior, human movement, physical culture, sport, and much more.

A transcript-recognized minor in KHE requires 15 hours of coursework in KIN and HED with a minimum of 6 upper-division hours. Prerequisites for classes must be met and some classes have limited spaces available.

A minor in Kinesiology and Health Education can complement studies in nutrition, business, communication, natural sciences, pre-med, social work, and education.

  • Recommended Tracks

    Kinesiology and Health Education is a diverse department with a wide variety of classes and topics related to sports, physiology, and health. This unique minor offers you the chance to design a broad-based minor by taking almost any combination of KIN or HED classes. You also have the option to focus on an area of interest. Recommendations for focused tracks include:

    • Coaching
    • Disability Studies
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Health Behavior and Health Education
    • Health Care Professions
    • Human Movement Science
    • Personal Training and Fitness
    • Sport Management and Physical Culture in Sport
    • Strength and Conditioning Coaching
  • Applying to the Minor

    You can complete a KHE minor only if you are using the 2018-2020 catalog. If you are using another catalog, e.g., 2016-2018, you would need to move up to the 2018-2020 catalog. You may do this by contacting the Academic Advisor in your major. 

    You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at UT to declare a minor in Kinesiology and Health Education. To declare the minor, 

    • Visit your IDA (Interactive Degree Audit) page
    • Click on Minors
    • Select "Education" from the school dropdown
    • Choose the KHE Minor
    • Click “Apply”
    • You should see a confirmation message at this point
  • Registration Information

    CoE students will have priority until the add/drop period before the start of the semester to register. Any seats left will be opened up to the rest of the University 1-2 days before classes begin. 

    Courses might be listed as "open, restricted" but you should try to add them anyway during your first access time. If you are unsuccessful, try again during the add/drop period. 

    Visit the Academic Calendar website to find specific dates.

If you have additional questions about the minor, you should contact your undergraduate advisor or email Kinesiology and Health Education Undergraduate Advisor Jessica Silva.