Office of Marketing and Communications


The Office of Marketing and Communications promotes the mission, vision, and values of the college through integrated marketing and multi-media journalism. We advocate for the college’s three strategic impact areas: equity, context, and transition, as outlined in our goal to Reimagine Education. 

Our work is prioritized to support the marketing goals of the college as set by the dean and director. We also manage the College of Education Website as it serves as the college’s primary marketing and recruiting platform. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit content updates by completing our project request form. Design, layout, information architecture, photography, videography, and final copy decisions are under the purview of the Marketing and Communications team.


Faculty and staff are asked to please notify Amanda Karr, director of Marketing and Communication, of any media interview requests or op-ed plans. The marketing and communications team will then work closely with you to assist with and amplify the story.

Media and Press Outside the College

Inquiries from digital, print or other media outlets should be directed to Amanda Karr, senior marketing manager.

Faculty members can edit their profiles by logging on to Profile Dashboard. The database driving the profiles is provided by the Jackson School of Geosciences and customized specifically for our use. If you need assistance please contact Marketing and Communication.

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Our Team

Photo of Amanda Karr

Amanda Karr

Senior Director

Photo of Olga Escamilla

Olga Bennett

Senior Web Developer

Photo of Gabriel Corti

Gabriel Corti

Senior Graphic Designer

Photo of Audrey Gilmore

Audrey Gilmore

Creative Director

Photo of Susan LaRonde

Susan LaRonde

Communications Coordinator

Photo of Kendall Payne

Kendall Payne

Senior Marketing Manager

Photo of Blaine Streske

Blaine Streske

Assistant Director of Events and Engagement

Emma Baldwin

Emma Baldwin

Marketing Intern

Zoe Webb

Zoe Webb

Junior Designer