Physical Culture and Sports

Physical Culture and Sports (PCS) explores sport and exercise through a humanities/social science approach. Graduates choose to pursue careers such as writing and journalism, youth sport development, sport law, public relations, governmental and sport agencies, community-based sports programs, and coaching outside the public schools.

Certificates, Minors, Specializations, and Tracks

Students in Physical Culture and Sports are required to choose a certificate, track, minor, or specialization to complete their degree requirements.

Certificates and Minors

The University of Texas at Austin offers various programs that allow students to choose from a set of courses in order to focus on an area of study in addition to their major. Certificates and minors are recognized on transcripts. University-wide requirements and the available options can be found in the university's Undergraduate Catalog.


Students interested in furthering their education in Kinesiology and Health are encouraged to choose a specialization. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers seven specializations. For details, please visit our KHE Specializations page.


Tracks do NOT appear on UT Austin transcripts or diplomas; they are reflected only on a student's profile record and degree audit. Most tracks consist of 15 hours, 6 of which must be upper-division. Learn more about the available tracks

Foreign Language Requirement

Students majoring in Physical Culture and Sports prior to the 2016-2018 catalog may choose one of three options to fulfill the foreign language requirement:

  1. complete second semester proficiency at the college level in any language other than English,
  2. take an exam to reach second semester proficiency in any language other than English,
  3. complete three of the foreign language substitution courses from our approved list. Get Adobe Reader

Students majoring in Physical Culture and Sports on the 2016-2018 catalog are only required to complete a foreign language requirement if they do not have two or more years of foreign language in high school. Students without two years of high school foreign language coursework must earn credit for the second college-level course in a foreign language; this credit does not count towards the degree.

Please see the above degree plans for more information.