Exercise Physiology

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Assistant professor Audrey Stone works with students in a lab

Exercise Physiology is the study of how our bodily systems respond and adapt to stimuli of acute and chronic exercises and how these changes are related to health, disease, physical function, and performance. Our Exercise Physiology program offers students the opportunity to explore practical areas of study that prepare them for a career promoting healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, graduate students can focus on a research-intensive route that benefits from the vast amount of resources and knowledge provided by the university and faculty.

Students are assigned to an advisor who will guide them through their degree to ensure that they are completing the most optimal coursework in preparation for their future career.

Exercise Physiology provides several options for graduate degrees. We offer a practical M.Ed. graduate program that aims to prepare students to work in clinical rehabilitation, sport science and nutrition fields.

Our research-driven degrees include M.S. and Ph.D. programs that pair students with a faculty mentor. These programs carry out research in various topics studying acute and chronic exercise responses and adaptations related to metabolic and cardiovascular health in people who are physically inactive, aged or diseased. 

Students pursuing research-driven degrees are strongly encouraged to contact the professor conducting research that matches their research interests.


Labs and Research Areas

Photo of Hiro Tanaka

Program Director
Hirofumi Tanaka