Bilingual Education Summer Institute (BESI)

A young Latina teacher works with a latino boy on a laptop while a black girl and a Latina girl look on.

Are You a Certified Elementary School Teacher Seeking a Bilingual Education Credential?

At the Bilingual Education Summer Institute, you will receive quality instruction in a supportive environment to prepare for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT).

You will:

  • take two courses taught in Spanish
  • prepare to take the Bilingual Target Proficiency Test
  • receive intensive practice in using Spanish for classroom instruction
  • augment your competencies in biliteracy and issues of social justice.


Both courses are pass/fail.

  1. Elementary School Subjects – Social Studies
  2. Elementary School Subjects – Language Arts

Tuition is $800 and includes enrollment in both courses, test prep workshops, and UT ID and library system cards.


  • Bilingual Education stipend in most districts across Texas
  • CPE credit up to 90 credits (45 per course)
  • Engagement in exemplary practices and current research
  • Increase Spanish language fluency

What Graduates of Our Program Say

“Through the bilingual/bicultural education program and the rich experiences in the use of the Spanish language, my connection to my students and their families grew. I became more aware of culturally and linguistically necessary pedagogies that authentically reflect the identities and experiences of those we serve.” 

–Randy Bell 

“The graduate program at UT Austin has given me a much deeper understanding of my students’ and their parents’ culture, language, and life experiences.”

–Nayelli Ramos