Research is a major aspect of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. As trends in globalization and innovation continue change, it is important to ensure teaching and learning processes adapt to students’ needs. Our faculty work closely with students to examine trends in education that will better prepare teachers to become engaged and motivational educators. We examine topics such as teachers and teaching, sociocultural conditions in schooling, inequities in education, project based learning, computing and technology education, and learning theories.

In addition to our ongoing research, our department is affiliated with programs such as the Black Male Education Research Collection (BMERC) and the Center for STEM Education.

Silhouette of a young, black boy illustrated with interconnecting gears in the area of the brain

Black Male Education Research Collection

The Black Male Education Research Collection complies peer reviewed research and interviews. This archive documents important issues facing America's Black youth.
Two elementary school boys enjoying class time.

The Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI)

IPSI offers professional learning opportunities that directly support the growth of students, and develops educators who can prepare students for college and career success.

Photo of a mural of ballet folklorico dancers

The Office of Bilingual Education

The OBE sponsors projects, events, research, and lectures that improve the quality of educational services provided for bilingual and English Language Learners (ELLs).


Two girls in focus among group of students listening intently

Mirrors and Windows

Pre-service teachers use read-alouds to promote anti-racist curriculum. “I like to read about people different from me because I get to learn about different cultures,” says one student.

a group of students walking through a neighborhood in east austin to learn about community

More Than Just a Walk Around the Block

A group of pre-service bilingual/bicultural education students go on community walks near Zavala Elementary School in Austin each semester. Students learn about the various resources in the neighborhood as well as the history and people that exist in the communities in which their students live.

A group of teachers working on a Child Centered Learning project collaboratively.

A Boisterous Classroom May be Better for Kids than You Think

Child-centered learning is a departure from classrooms in which children are compelled to sit at desks and receive information rather than be active participants, and it can challenge the way some educators have been taught to instruct young students.