Undergraduate Minor in Educational Psychology

What is Educational Psychology? 

Our department is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human behavior as it relates to education. Undergraduate students participate in the Department of Educational Psychology (EDP) in several ways: taking our courses as electives, minoring in Educational Psychology, and/or participating in EDP research. 

How do I minor in Educational Psychology?

The minor in Educational Psychology requires completion of 15 undergraduate semester credit hours in Educational Psychology, 6 of which must be upper-division hours. Note: be sure to check with your adviser and the Undergraduate Catalog section on Minors for university and any other requirements.

To declare a Minor in EDP:

  • Visit your IDA (Interactive Degree Audit) page
  • Click on Minors
  • Search for the EDP Minor
  • Click “Apply”
  • You should see a confirmation message at this point

Your academic adviser or the Educational Psychology Office can also assist with declaring the minor. 

How can I benefit from a minor in Educational Psychology?

Coursework in Educational Psychology can help you:

  • Augment your major with a broadly-applicable minor
  • Gain valuable learning skills
  • Prepare for advanced coursework
  • Expand or enhance your areas of expertise 

Featured Course

EDP 352D Introduction to Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy: This course covers the nature of the counseling process, dynamics of behavior change, client-counselor roles and relationships, and the dynamics of individual and group behavior.

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