The Teacher Tipping Point: Developing and Sustaining the Texas Educator Workforce

Graphic for Texas Education, The Teacher Tipping Point


June 6, 2022


1:00pm to 5:00pm


AT&T Hotel & Conference Center

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Before the pandemic, the Texas teaching pipeline was already shrinking with more than 10% of the teaching workforce leaving in any given year.  The pandemic turned a chronic crisis of attrition into a potential catastrophe  that is likely to impact many of Texas’s 5.5 million K-12 students and the 2 million young children yet to enter the system for years to come.  If left unaddressed, the future of Texas’s education system may never recover.

The College of Education at UT Austin, in partnership with educational leaders and stakeholders across Texas, commissioned a study before the pandemic to examine how different pathways towards teacher certification lead to different outcomes for students and for teacher retention.

Join policymakers, community and foundation partners, school districts representatives and other education-focused colleagues for a  generative, solutions-oriented discussion about the teacher shortage, and issues related to teacher quality and retention.  We will unveil of the report’s major findings, and identify areas of collective action  to address the unprecedented challenges facing us today. 

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