Faculty Profile

Christopher P Brown

Christopher P Brown
Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: +1 512 232 2288
Email: cpbrown@utexas.edu
Office: SZB 528N

Christopher is a Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education and a Fellow in the Priscilla Pond Flawn Regents Professorship in Early Childhood Education. He is also the Past-Chair for the Early Education/Child Development Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.

His research centers on how early childhood education stakeholders across a range of political and educational contexts respond to policymakers' high-stakes standards-based accountability reforms. He has looked at this issue across a range of political and educational contexts using multiple theoretical and practitioner-based perspectives that span the fields of early childhood education, curriculum and instruction, teacher education, and policy analysis.

Such work has led to empirical, theoretical, and practitioner-oriented publications on such topics as: high-stakes standards-based accountability reform in early childhood, early learning standards, pre-kindergarten (Pre-k) assessment, Pre-k alignment with elementary school, school readiness, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate teaching, kindergarten within a standardized education system, neoliberal reform, teacher education, professional development, and teaching a mandated curriculum.

His recent publications focus on two issues: 1) Understanding how practicing and pre-service early childhood educators in high-stakes public teaching contexts can engage in practices that support the cultural, individual, and developmental learning needs of children; 2) Examining the development of preservice teachers as they employ iPads in their teacher training program.