James Barufaldi

Photo of faculty member James P Barufaldi
Professor Emeritus, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professorship in Education (Emeritus)
Distinguished Teaching Professor

Email: jamesb@utexas.edu

Dr. James P. Barufaldi is the Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professor and serves as Director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at The University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as Principal Investigator of the Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science Teaching. In 2003 Barufaldi was selected as a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at The University. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in science education. Barufaldi's special areas of interests are curriculum design, instructional strategies, implementation, evaluation, and science teacher education. He is currently investigating the process of building successful collaboratives in the science education community and variables, which may contribute to high intensity, sustained collaboration.