Jennifer K Adair

Jennifer K Adair
Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office: SZB 528J

Jennifer completed a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Education at Arizona State University with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. Jennifer is a former preschool teacher. Her research and teaching interests focus on the role of race, culture(s) and cross-cultural experiences in early childhood education, with a particular focus on the experiences of teachers, parents and children from immigrant communities. She is concerned with improving educational equity at all levels of early childhood education, particularly through the inclusion of project-based instruction and other agency-producing teaching/learning approaches in the early grades.

She has used the multivocal, videocued ethnographic method with children, teachers and parents throughout the U.S. and India as well as with projects in Europe. Her work has been published in journals such as Teachers College Record, The International Journal of Research and Method in Education, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, Race, Ethnicity and Education and Young Children. Jennifer recently received the Outstanding Article of the Year award for her article in the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. In 2012, Jennifer became a Young Scholar (2012-2015) with the Foundation for Child Developmenttobetter understand how culturally-relevant types of agency in early elementary classrooms affects the social and academic development of Latino children of immigrants.