Owen Beck

Photo of faculty member Owen  Beck
Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Phone: +1 512 232 6025
Email: owen.beck@austin.utexas.edu
Office: BEL 536
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Owen Beck is an assistant professor at The University of Texas at Austin. His overall research goal is to improve human walking and running performance. This affinity for human performance began during his undergraduate studies at Humboldt State University (B.S. in Kinesiology). As a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, he studied how prosthetic configuration affects running economy and sprinting speed in athletes with leg amputations (Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology). This graduate research led to Dr. Beck's involvement in two international court cases regarding the eligibility of athletes with limb amputations in Olympic track and field. As a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, Dr. Beck studied how exoskeletons affect muscle-tendon mechanics during walking, running and reactive balance.