Ben B. Yaspelkis III, Ph.D.

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Professor and Director, Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratories, Department of Kinesiology, California State University Northridge


  • B.S., Sports Medicine, Pepperdine University (1988)
  • M.A., Exercise Science, University of Texas at Austin (1990)
  • Ph.D., Exercise Science, University of Texas at Austin (1995)


My academic career began at Pepperdine University where I was introduced to the research laboratory. I was fascinated by the research enterprise, which led me to pursue advanced study in the field of Exercise Physiology. At UT I worked with Dr. John Ivy who provided the opportunity to perform both human and animal studies. Following a brief Post Doc at UPenn Medical School, I accepted a tenure track faculty position in 1996 at California State University Northridge (CSUN). My CSUN laboratory has had over 15 continuous years of NIH funding, 50+ peer reviewed publications and numerous students who have gone on to pursue advanced degrees, including two who came to UT. My laboratory continues to examine insulin signaling in skeletal muscle.

Words of Wisdom

Set your goals and then establish a game plan to meet them. Also, really get to know the faculty and other graduate students in the program. These people will be the foundation of your professional network for the rest of your career.