Curtis Jackson "Shorty" Alderson

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Professor, 1924-1959


Few Individuals possess that personal touch that endears them to their fellowman as did Dr. C.J. (Shorty) Alderson. It may be said that his greatest reward lies in the memory of the thousand of his friends who respected and loved him. They remember him for his honesty, integrity, and exemplary conduct, for his hard work, fair play, and courtesy, but most of all for his abiding faith and interest in them as individuals.

Envisioned and Served

  • “Voice of Memorial Stadium” for Football
  • Sports Official in Track, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball and Football
  • Member and Leader in more than 25 Professional Organizations
  • Consultant for Physical Education in Public Schools and Colleges
  • Varsity Letterman in Tennis and Cross Country at UT
  • Reserve Letterman in Football at UT
  • Assistant Coach at UT for Football, Basketball, and Track
  • Head Coach at UT for Swimming
  • Rules Authority, NCAA Football Rules Committee
  • American Red Cross in Water Safety
  • Student, Coach, and Teacher at UT from, 1912-1970
  • Teacher in National Aquatics Schools through age of Eighty


  • Swimming as an Intercollegiate Sport in Southwest Conference
  • Three-member Officiating Teams for Southwest Conference
  • Football Rules for Women at UT and the Division of Girl’s and Women’s Sports
  • Co-Founded with Dr. Mary Buice Alderson a Scholarship Fund in 1995 Dedicated to Professional Development

Career Highlights

  • United States Army in World War I
  • B.A, MA (Sociology), Ed.D.,. and L.L.B. Degrees from UT
  • Public School Teacher and Coach, 1922-1924
  • Freshman Coach of Football, Basketball, and Track at UT, 1927-34
  • Instructor-Physical and Health Education at UT, 1939
  • Assistant Professor of Physical and Health Education, 1949-1956
  • Associate Professor of Physical and Health Education, 1956-1959
  • Served on Board of Directors of AAHPERD, 1939-1959
  • Served on Board of Directors of TAHPERD, 1941-1970
  • American Red Cross Golden Whale Award, 1960
  • Special Citation from Governor John Connally of Texas for Professional and Civic Contributions, 1965
  • President Truman’s Commission on Safety
  • Inducted into Longhorn Hall of Honor, 1967