Karl K. Klein

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Professor, 1954-1985


A pioneer in rehabilitation, sports medicine, adapted physical education, and physical medicine “THE” authority on knee injuries and rehabilitation

Envisioned and Developed

  • Klein Medial-Lateral Collateral Testing Instrument; at one time on display at the Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of History and Technology, Washington D.C.
  • The Physical Rehabilitation Clinic, U.T. Gregory Gymnasium
  • Endowed Karl and Marjorie Klein Graduate Scholarship, Texas Exes, 1983

Career Highlights

  • Director of Physical Rehabilitation, Ithaca College, 1946-1953
  • Physical Rehabilitation Specialist, Dept. of Men’s Physical Instruction, U.T., 1954-1985
  • Published 3 books and more than 150 professional articles
  • Several publications were translated into Russian, German, and Japanese
  • Presented more than 100 professional speeches to national and international professional education and medical conferences
  • Federally funded research studies related to sports injury-prevention programs led to the prohibition of deep knee bends in all branches of the military
  • Julian Vogel Award for Meritorious Service
  • Who’s Who in Education