L. Theodore Bellmont


Professor, 1913-1952


No matter area of physical education at The University of Texas at Austin is examined, it is in large part what it is because of L. Theo Bellmont. His administration and decisions had so many implications for the future that in some ways they seemed prophetic. Bellmont Hall was named in his honor in the Spring of 1973.

Envisioned and Designed

  • Required Physical Training for Men
  • Cotton Bowl Game (OU Weekend)
  • Football Games with Notre Dame 1913 and 1915
  • Blanket Tax for Intercollegiate Athletics for Men


  • Intercollegiate Athletics for Men
  • Physical Training for Men
  • Intramural Sports for Men
  • Southwest Conference
  • Texas Relays
  • Department of Physical Training for Men

Career Highlights

  • Law Degree from University of Tennessee 1908
  • Houston YMCA Secretary 1908-1913
  • Directorship of Athletics 1913-1929
  • Organized the Southwest Conference 1915
  • Co-Founder Intramural Sports for Men 1916
  • Organized Physical Training Department 1916
  • Organized Texas Relays
  • Organized and Implemented Funding Program for Memorial Stadium 1923
  • Professor and Director of P.T. for Men 1925-1931
  • Director of Physical Training for Men 1931-1950
  • Professor and Director of Athletics 1950-1954
  • Professor and Director Emeritus 1957-1967