Shih-Ting Lee

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Instructional Designer and Adjunct Professor, Austin Community College


Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, 2009
M.S. in Human Resource Development for Higher Education and Industry, 2002
B.A. in English Language and Literature, 2000


My work experience is mainly in higher education settings and the Texas Department of State Health Services. I have taught Instructional Technology courses at two universities and Student Development course at the Austin Community College. I was a mentor for the 2014 eLearning institute hosted by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Public Health Foundation. My research focuses on critical thinking and online learning communities.

In my current job, I am the Instructional Development process holder for Austin Competency Analysis Profiler (ACAP) and curriculum development. My recent professional certifications include the Quality Matters (QM) Course REviewer certificate, the QM Face to Face Facilitator certificate, and the Blackboard Collaborate Certificate.

I grew up in Taiwan and speak both Mandarin Chinese and English. I am learning Spanish with my kids right now and totally enjoy the process. I am passionate about learning and exploring new topics. I am excited about working with my faculty clients and my dear students every day.

Why UT?

I chose UT Austin because of the global community and the reputation of the school. Austin itself is an amazing city with a very diverse population. When I was a graduate student at UT, I get to learn new ideas and meet interesting people on a daily basis. The faculty members at our program are top of the line in our field. They are very generous in taking students under their wings and engage students in their research projects. To this day, I am still very grateful for all of the k-12 research opportunities Dr. Liu has opened for me when I studied under her.

Life after UT

Thanks to the great Instructional Technology network in the Central Texas area, My first two job offers were from alumni from our programs. From what I heard from my friends, many of us share similar experience. The great foundation I received from the program prepared me well for any challenges that came with the new job or the new work setting. Like Albert Einstein’s famous quote, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” I never stop learning even after receiving my doctoral degree. There is always new technology and new research from our field. Sometimes I feel like I am an even more avid learner after I graduate.

Advice for Students

Apply yourself as much as you can. Your reputation will spread far and long. Use the school environment to not only develop your intellectual endeavors, but also foster your soft skills, such as teamwork, leadership or interpersonal skills. In our field, we work  a lot with technology, but we work even more closely with the clients or students who will be greatly impacted by our services or decisions.

Never stop learning.  You will likely find more things you don’t already know after you start working. Keep an open mind and be ready for any new challenges.