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Our faculty and students conduct research that touches all aspects of education, both inside and outside the classroom. We study the ways that people learn, and develop physically and mentally, by exploring areas that influence policy and the understanding of education and health. The driving force for our research is to increase educational opportunity and improve public health.

The College of Education consists of five departments that span several areas of research ranging from curriculum to policy to public health. In addition, several centers and institutes focus on specific issues in education. The stories below are featured on our research-driven In Contextsite.

Two girls in focus among group of students listening intently


Pre-service teachers use read-alouds around diversity and sociocultural knowledge to promote anti-racist curriculum.
Mural with man holding sign saying Ya Basta


Research has found that students are more engaged in the classroom when they see their own culture represented in the classroom.
Teacher and student programming a computer


WeTeach_CS has made incredible strides to certify teachers in Texas to teach computer science to children starting from a young age.
View of Quito, Ecuador

Public Health

The postpartum period is a key window where various health issues may arise. Learn how cell phones can help.
Matt Bowers and his son on a rock climbing wall

Sport Culture

Matt Bowers, a clinical assistant professor in sport management, offers advice about how parents can navigate choosing the right sport for their son or daughter.
Putting Trust in Numbers


Tiffany Whittaker wants students to learn to interpret data and statistics and use the skill in their everyday lives.
Autism Bridges

Special Education

Our faculty's research focuses on interventions, technologies, and supports for students and adults with Autism, as well as learning and behavioral disorders.
Portrait of Kevin Cokely


Kevin Cokley contributes to counseling psychology as well as ethnic minority psychology. He actively shares his knowledge through op-eds and research-based commentaries.

Press Play

Discovery Minute Katie Tackett

Universal Classroom Discovery Minute

Join Special Education Clinical Assistant Professor Katie Tackett for this Discovery Minute as she describes how applying universal design principles to her classroom benefits all her students, whether or not they have an identified disability.

Talking Eds | A podcast for all things education

The Socialization of Queer and Trans Graduate Students

Ph.D. student Alden Jones and Clinical Assistant Professor Beth Bukoski join Talking Eds to discuss the socialization experiences of queer and trans graduate students. They also discuss the impact of Austin being perceived as an LGBTQ friendly city on graduate students’ school choice.

Liliana Garces Ed Talk | Navigating the quicksand: How postsecondary administrators understand the influence of affirmative action developments on racial development work

Ed Talk: Liliana Garces

Watch Liliana Garces' Ed Talk titled Navigating the quicksand: How postsecondary administrators understand the influence of affirmative action developments on racial diversity work

Research by Department

Each of our five departments conducts research that is influential in their field.