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Our faculty and students conduct research that touches all aspects of education, both inside and outside the classroom. We study the ways that people learn, and develop physically and mentally, by exploring areas that influence policy and the understanding of education and health. The driving force for our research is to increase educational opportunity and improve public health.

The College of Education consists of five departments that span several areas of research ranging from curriculum to policy to public health. In addition, several centers and institutes focus on specific issues in education. 

A group of teachers working on a Child Centered Learning project collaboratively.


Researchers identify unique impacts of COVID-19 on schools and make recommendations for successful reopening strategies.

A child with an ice pack being applied to his knee due to an injury


Bans on race-conscious admissions policies are diminishing the proportion of students of color who enroll in medical schools, exacerbating health disparities.

A phone screen with Pokemon Go while the user stands outside


Two College of Education Curriculum and Instruction doctoral students are building the "21st century skills" of K-12 students in Taiwan schools.

A researcher holding test tubes of different colors containing biomarkers

Public Health

The Health & Integrative Physiology Lab identifies biomarkers that predict those at increased risk for these diseases or progressing to serious complications.

Matt Bowers and his son on a rock climbing wall

Sport Culture

Matt Bowers offers advice about how parents can navigate choosing the right sport for their son or daughter.

Circles of light representing different shades of skin color


Student and faculty researchers investigate effects of colorism; or discrimination based on skin color or skin shade.

Photo of Jessica Toste

Special Education

A multi-year study led by Jessica Toste will develop a program to improve outcomes of 4th and 5th graders with reading difficulties..

Photo of Kythe Brown


Several Education faculty, students, and staff members share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences of their natural hair journey.

Discovery Minute Katie Tackett

Universal Classroom Discovery Minute

Join Special Education Clinical Assistant Professor Katie Tackett for this Discovery Minute as she describes how applying universal design principles to her classroom benefits all her students, whether or not they have an identified disability.

Liliana Garces Ed Talk | Navigating the quicksand: How postsecondary administrators understand the influence of affirmative action developments on racial development work

Ed Talk: Liliana Garces

Watch Liliana Garces' Ed Talk titled Navigating the quicksand: How postsecondary administrators understand the influence of affirmative action developments on racial diversity work

Research by Department

Each of our five departments conducts research that is influential in their field.