Angela Hodges

Photo of Angela R Hodges

Educational Leadership & Policy

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Texas at Arlington, 2011

Angela's educational journey started as a 1st-grade student teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a student teacher. Her passion for teaching and caring for her students led to her being hired as a 3rd-grade teacher in the same school she worked as a student teacher. Her dedication extended to positively impacting students in Kindergarten and then in 2nd Grade as a teacher. During this time, she conducted an action research project exploring community outreach to at-risk populations. As a part of this project, activities and structures were put in place to provide materials, support, time, and structure to school-based projects or skills extensions. Dinners were provided, and the activities were held within their apartment complex. Her exceptional teaching abilities led to her participation in the TAP program as a Career and Master Teacher at Port Allen High School. She contributed to instructional improvement by coaching, modeling, and evaluating teachers aligned with high pedagogical standards. This structure led to improved student outcomes on the campus.
Angela led elementary and middle school campuses, focusing on student achievement, enrichment, and whole-child support. She skillfully transitioned her staff from traditional instruction to virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing relentlessly on the emotional well-being of students and staff while ensuring quality instruction to reduce potential COVID-related regression. Angela's unwavering commitment to education and her pursuit of excellence have earned her several accolades and recognitions, including the Teacher of Promise award and the Humanitarian of the Year recognition. With a wealth of experience and a range of certifications, Angela continues to inspire and lead educators and students alike. Angela began her journey in central office leadership in 2021, where she currently serves as an Area Superintendent, where she supervises principals, guiding them to increase their instructional leadership capacity.