Applied Movement Science

A faculty member corrects a student athlete's form mid-lunge.

Starting with the 2016-2018 catalog, the redesigned Applied Movement Science (AMS) major prepares students to become health and fitness professionals. Students interested in personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, sport performance coaching, sport coaching, teaching physical education, physical activity public health specialist, and other fitness related fields will be prepared to sit for various certification exams that lead to these positions. 

Certificate, Minors, Specializations, and Tracks

Students in Applied Movement Science are required to choose a certificate, track, minor or specialization to complete their degree requirements.

Certificates and Minors

The University of Texas at Austin offers various programs that allow students to choose from a set of courses in order to focus on an area of study in addition to their major. Beginning with the 2016-2018 catalog, certificates and minors are recognized on transcripts. University-wide requirements and the available options can be found in the university's Undergraduate Catalog.


Students interested in furthering their education in Kinesiology and Health are encouraged to choose a specialization. The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers seven specializations. For details, please visit our KHE Specializations page and review several career path options below.


Tracks do NOT appear on UT Austin transcripts or diplomas; they are reflected only on a student's profile record and degree audit. Most tracks consist of 15 hours, 6 of which must be upper-division. Learn more about the available tracks

Potential AMS Career Paths

Health Professions Preparation

Students in Applied Movement Science who are interested in pursuing one of the many allied health professions after graduation must complete their Applied Movement Science degree requirements and the prerequisites for the allied health profession of their choice. With careful planning, it is very possible for our majors to graduate in four years while also completing all of their allied health profession prerequisites. For more information on allied health professions, please visit the Health Professions Office.

Physical Activity Public Health Specialist

Students interested in promoting physical activity from a playground to policy perspective should consider becoming an ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity Public Health Specialist (PAPHS). Completion of the Applied Movement Science (AMS) coursework, prepares the students to seek certification as Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist. As part of the AMS coursework, you will learn how to build partnerships, develop initiatives, and advocate for programming that is focused on physical activity as a path to stronger public health. This is a new addition to the AMS program. Please visit the ACSM certification site for details and resources regarding preparation for the certification exam. We also encourage you to explore the Fitness and Rehabilitation and Health Fitness Instructor specializations as they provide valuable practical and clinical experience.

All-Level Physical Education Teacher Certification

Completion of the Applied Movement Science Physical Education Concentration coursework prepares a student to obtain K-12 Physical Education teaching certification as part of their bachelor’s degree. During the second year in the AMS program or after the student has taken the Sport Pedagogy course, the student may apply to the Professional Development Sequence (a series of three classes and student teaching that are offered by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction). Please visit the Field Experiences website for how to apply to the Professional Development Sequence.

Alternatively, graduates of the program can seek K-12 Physical Education certification either through the post-baccalaureate certification program or by applying to the master’s of education (M.Ed.) Physical Education Teacher Education program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. 

Foreign Language Requirement

Students majoring in Applied Movement Science are only required to complete a foreign language requirement if they do not have two or more years of foreign language in high school. Students without two years of high school foreign language coursework must earn credit for the second college-level course in a foreign language; this credit does not count towards the degree.