Computer Facilities

College of Education faculty, staff and students may use ITO computers. Log in to workstations with EID. Computers have Internet access and a variety of software.

For general inquiries, contact the Service Desk by visiting us in SZB 536, calling 512-471-4357, or by email.

Data may not be stored on ITO computers: use Google Drive or UTBox.

Printing is available from all ITO computers.

The Open LabSZB 439 Open Lab

The Open Lab is exclusively for student walk-in use. It provides twelve Mac desktops.

This lab is open to students on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be reserved.



Computer Lab BSZB 439B Computer Lab B

Computer Lab B is a computer lab/classroom with 25 Mac computers. The room also features an instructor console and projection system.

Computer Lab B may be reserved for classes, demonstrations, and other instructional purposes. It is open to students on a first-come-first-served basis when it has not been reserved.

Reserve Computer Lab B

Reservation Policies

Reserve ITO Computer Lab

Computer Lab B may be reserved at no charge for College of Education instructional and administrative purposes as well as University of Texas courses and other activities directly related to UT student instruction. College of Education courses and instructional activities receive top priority when assessing resource availability.

The Lab may also be used for non-instructional purposes, such as UT-sponsored conferences, seminars, workshops, and externally funded research and projects. Time for these types of events in the lab is limited and the events are approved at the discretion of the ITO senior IT manager.

The Lab may be reserved during normal workday hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, non-UT holidays), subject to availability.

  • Requests to reserve the computer lab may be made at any time, although advance notice is recommended.
  • All requests should be submitted at least 48 hours before a resource is actually needed.
  • If a request can be honored, a confirmation of the reservation will be sent via email to the requester.
  • Additional equipment, such as laptop fleets, can be reserved for delivery.

Reserving for the Entire Semester

Requests to reserve the computer lab on a certain day and time for an entire semester should be submitted no later than four weeks before that semester begins. All reservations requests that have been received by this deadline will be considered and entered into the appropriate reservation schedule and a reservation confirmation will be sent via email to the requester.

Reserve the Computer Lab