Ways to Give

Your gift helps us change the world.

There are four ways to give. Any type of giving is a wonderful way to say thank you for an outstanding education, to show support for the CoE and to give back so that others can enjoy the transformative UT experience.

Types of gifts include:

  • Annual Fund

    Photo of Jenna WadeThe College of Education will not thrive on the gift of one, but the support of many. By supporting the College of Education Annual Fund, donors impact the future of the school and become active participants in its evolution and advancement. Annual Fund donors can take pride in each accomplishment of the school, each award, each discovery, each step on the way to preeminence. When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you join the larger College of Education team of supporters and can rightfully say, “We did that.”

    Annual Fund gifts typically range from $50 to $5,000 and are used by the college to support several important areas. Your participation is as important as the amount you give. Alumni giving is one factor used in many national and international rankings and is an indication of alumni confidence in the direction of the institution. Annual Fund gifts are the cornerstone of academic philanthropy.

    Learn why Jenna Wade, a recent graduate, supports the CoE Annual Fund.

    To learn how you can give to the CoE Annual Fund, contact Jillian Gillie, 512-232-5012.

  • Outright Gifts

    Photo of Barbie and Gary ColemanOutright gifts support immediate needs and have a powerful impact on the College of Education. Ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, outright gifts support a variety of initiatives and are an excellent way to support current needs.

    Learn why alumna Barbie Coleman and her husband Gary, in addition to establishing an endowment, support Honors Day with an outright gift.

    To learn how you can make an outright gift, contact Ian Tuski at 269-223-2531.

  • Endowments

    Photo of Libba MasseyEndowments at the College of Education are sound investments in a bright future. With an endowed gift, you can provide permanent support for the College. Your gift is invested—never spent—and each year a partial distribution of the earnings is made to the chosen program or area. Investment earnings not distributed help the endowment value grow over time, to keep pace with inflation and maintain the endowment’s spending power.

    You may take up to five years to fund an endowment, and once it is officially established, you may continue to add to its principle at any time. With the opportunity to select the title of the endowment, you can forever link your name, or that of a family member, friend or organization, to scholarly excellence at the College of Education. 

    Learn why alumna Libba Massey and her husband John like supporting the CoE through endowments.

    To learn how you can establish an endowment, contact Ian Tuski at 269-223-2531

  • Planned Gifts

    Photo of Betty BirdA planned gift can be extremely flexible, include many tax advantages and provide you with reliable lifetime income while ultimately directing valuable resources to the College of Education. You can choose to develop a philanthropic plan that will ensure a secure future for the College of Education and its students through a bequest or other planned giving vehicles. By including the College in your retirement and estate plans, you can diminish tax burdens while supporting students, faculty and other initiatives. 

    Charitable gift annuities, which provide immediately fixed payments for life with the remaining funds distributed to the College of Education, offer one option. Or you may find it more attractive to do a charitable remainder trust that converts significantly appreciated assets into cash payments while eliminating capital gains taxes. If created through a will, this is one of the best ways to roll over qualified retirement-plan assets to leave more for both heirs and charitable interests.

    Learn why alumna Betty Bird is giving back to the CoE through a planned gift.

    For more information about Planned Giving, please contact Catherine Fendrich-Turner, director of gift and estate planning, (512) 232-8054 (direct) or (800) 687-4602. 

    Basic Bequest Language

    I hereby direct $___________ (or ____ percent of my residual estate) in cash, securities, or other property to the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System for the benefit of The University of Texas at Austin. This gift shall be for the further benefit of _____________[college, school, unit] and shall be used to __________[purpose].

    For your information, our tax ID number is 74-6000203.