Bilingual Education Summer Institute (BESI)

A teacher shares her laptop with her students.

Are You a Certified Elementary School Teacher Seeking a Bilingual Education Credential?

At the Bilingual Education Summer Institute, you will receive quality instruction in a supportive environment to prepare for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT).

You will:

  • take two courses taught in Spanish
  • prepare to take the Bilingual Target Proficiency Test
  • receive intensive practice in using Spanish for classroom instruction
  • augment your competencies in biliteracy and issues of social justice.


Both courses are pass/fail.

  1. Elementary School Subjects – Social Studies
  2. Elementary School Subjects – Language Arts

Tuition is $800 and includes enrollment in both courses, test prep workshops, and UT ID and library system cards.


  • Bilingual Education stipend in most districts across Texas
  • CPE credit up to 90 credits (45 per course)
  • Engagement in exemplary practices and current research
  • Increase Spanish language fluency

What Graduates of Our Program Say

I left BESI knowing exactly what to expect on the exam and I felt very prepared. The time I spent at BESI was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I learned so much, gained lots of new friends, created valuable networks, and grew in my love of Spanish and bilingual education.

Sandra Zills

Contact Haydeé Rodríguez for more information.