Curriculum and Instruction

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Curriculum and Instruction
#7 Ranked Program by U.S. News & World Report

Inspired Teachers

The mission of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to advance the knowledge and the practice of teaching and learning. We address the educational needs of a rapidly changing global society in democratic and socially just ways. Our teaching and research are rooted in a variety of academic disciplines. We value innovation and build upon the strengths of cultural and linguistic diversity.

This year, U.S. News & World Report ranked our program fourth among public institutions and seventh overall.


Our faculty works closely with students to examine trends in education, such as agency and social-emotional learning, that will better prepare teachers to become engaged and motivational educators.

Our Programs

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Undergraduate and Teacher Education

There are several pathways that allow students to become classroom teachers, educators, and mentors of children in a variety of disciplines.
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Graduate Programs

We provide students the opportunity to study how modern curriculum influences education. Students engage in research in topics such as diversity, technology, and literacy.
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STEM Education

Master's and doctoral students engage in the study, development, and research of emerging fields in science, technology, engineering, and math education.
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University of Texas Urban Teachers

The Urban Teachers Program is a unique curriculum that focuses on teaching language arts and social studies to children with culturally diverse and urban backgrounds.

Feature Stories

Discovery Minute Kefferlyn Brown

Discovery Minute Keffrelyn Brown

Join Professor Keffrelyn Brown as she discusses problems with educators’ use of the “at risk” label. She hopes to challenge how educators and policymakers think about the label, so that it can be used more equitably.

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Teaching from the Inside Out

A public-private partnership among philanthropists, the College of Education, and Austin Independent School District is benefitting educators and kids through social and emotional learning.

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Somos Escritoras: We Are Writers

"My students and their families have important stories to share," says Assistant Professor of Language Tracey Flores, "and writing has the power to build community and solidarity."