The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is a diverse connection of teachers, teacher educators, and researchers inspiring innovative teaching and learning. Our department values the contributions of linguistically and culturally rich communities, and aims to develop deeper understandings and instructional approaches that apply to a range of student needs. We are able to successfully accomplish this through our experienced faculty and staff, along with excellent resources in technology and research. This dedication to learning is demonstrated by ranking our program fifth among public institutions and eighth overall by U.S. News & World Report.

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Our department strives to address society's need for education through innovative research, practice and a focus on our students.

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Our Faculty

Our faculty are trained in multiple disciplines to provide students with a vast resource of knowledge. Students work alongside faculty not only in the classroom, but also through research.

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Our Staff

Our friendly staff is here to help students and faculty processes in and out of the classroom.

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The department of Curriculum and Instruction is located in the Sanchez building (SZB) on the main University of Texas Austin campus.

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University of Texas Urban Teachers

University of Texas Urban Teachers is a unique program that focuses on teaching language arts and social studies to children with culturally diverse and urban backgrounds.