Social Studies Education

Dr. Cinthia Salinas leads a class discussion.

Photo of Katie Payne

Program Area Coordinator, Advisor
Katherina Payne

Our Social Studies Education Program focuses on research, theory, and teacher preparation. Our students and faculty explore the contextual and contested meanings of “history” and “citizenship” in U.S. public schools. Students engage in coursework and research that explore topics such as social studies curriculum, multicultural education, and improving literacy through social studies.

Our urban teacher education, master’s, and doctoral programs draw from a variety of disciplines. All of our degree programs pursue theoretical, historical, empirical, and pedagogical questions that seek to excavate and analyze current issues in education. Topics such as race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and cultural differences inform the field of social studies education.


Anthony Brown

Anthony L. Brown


Focuses on historical and contemporary issues and discourses concerning African American students in schools and society.

Photo of Katherina Payne

Katherina A. Payne

Associate Professor

Interests focus on understanding and furthering the relationship between public schools and the health and renewal of democracy.

Photo of Cinthia Salinas

Cinthia Salinas

Professor, Department Chair

Ruben E. Hinojosa Regents Professor in Education

Research focuses on bilingual and ESL Education, high-stakes social studies testing, and activism in education.