Executive Ed.D. Program Costs

The expenses shown in the table below are for the cohort starting the Executive Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership Program in 2022.

Semester Hours Course Cost Program Fee Cost
Summer 2022 9 $1,125/hour $1,200 $11,325
Fall 2022 9 $1,125/hour $1,200 $11,325
Spring 2023 9 $1,125/hour $1,200 $11,325
Summer 2023 9 $1,125/hour $1,200 $11,325
Fall 2023 9 $1,125/hour $1,200 $11,325
Spring 2024 6 $1,125/hour $900 $7,650
Summer 2024 3 $1,125/hour $600 $3,975
Fall 2024 3 $1,125/hour $600 $3,975
        Total Program Cost$72,250*
By comparison, the average total cost for a traditional Ph.D. in Education at UT Austin is between $73,000-$85,000 (Texas Resident) based on an average of 5.5 years for completion.

By maintaining a low cost of attendance, UT Austin continues to ensure universal access to a world-class education under the guidance of exemplary faculty at one of the top-rated institutions of higher education in the world. The Executive Ed.D. program in Higher Education Leadership is delivered in a format that enables you to maintain full-time employment while pursuing your degree.

Executive Ed.D. students are eligible for federal student loans. Students are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov. You may contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for additional information and requirements.