Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to common questions about your admission application to Educational Psychology in general. Area specific FAQs can be found on the Area webpages, when available.

Application Procedures

My application may not be complete by the deadline date. Will it automatically be denied?

No. Those applications completed shortly after the deadline will still be considered. If there is space remaining in the program or area of interest, the application will be reviewed. If not, the application may be marked “No Action”.

I am taking the GRE very close to the application deadline date. Will my scores make it to the department by the deadline?

It takes approximately 10-15 days for official GRE test results to be received by UT. UT Graduate Admissions will not be able to complete their review of your application materials without the GRE scores. After Graduate Admissions receives the scores, they will refer your application to the department for consideration. This can take an additional few days. These delays will cause your application to be delayed in being reviewed by your program or area of interest.

Are the application deadlines different for international students?

No. The application deadlines are the same for everyone.

Are there separate application instructions for international students?

No. Both U.S. and international applicants should follow the same application instructions on our website. The only difference is that international students are required to submit valid TOEFL scores in addition to all of the other required materials (TOEFL scores are only valid for two years).

Is a Department application required in addition to the online ApplyTexas application?

No, only the ApplyTexas application is required.

How do I submit my Resume/Vita to the Department?

After you have submitted the ApplyTexas online application, you will receive an e-mail from UT Graduate Admissions that will provide you with a link to check the status of your application online. This status check page will also allow you to upload your Resume/Vita as a PDF for the Department to review. NOTE: Your application fee must be paid before you can upload materials using this link.

How do I submit my Letters of Recommendation?

All Letters of Recommendation must be submitted online. When completing the “References” section of the online application (ApplyTexas), you will be asked to list the names of your recommenders and their e-mail addresses. Be sure the e-mail address is current and accurate. You will also be asked whether you will be waiving your right to view your letters after they are submitted. Once your application has been received by GIAC, an e-mail will be sent directly to your recommenders with a link that will allow them to complete their recommendation letter online. You may need to follow up with any referee who overlooks submitting a letter for you, as each recommender will receive only one request from GIAC. You will be able to view whether letters have been received, or change/add a recommender, via the Graduate Admissions status check page.

Financial Support

Can I get a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant appointment during my first year as a graduate student?

The answer is most likely not. Our continuing students already fill most of the Educational Psychology TA or RA positions for the coming academic year.

How and when will I know if I have received financial assistance from the Department or from The University?

Fellowship nomination deadlines vary and it is difficult to specify a notification date. The Fellowship Committee begins deliberations early in January and will continue until all available fellowships have been awarded. Most of the deadlines occur in March or April but others extend into the summer months. Recipients will be notified by official e-mail from either the Office of Graduate Studies or from the Department of Educational Psychology.

Application Status Check

When I put in my UT EID and password, the message says that there is no application on file for me. What is the problem?

This is a common problem. Applicants are sometimes issued more than one UT EID. The UT EID you are using may be different from the UT EID the Department of Educational Psychology has associated with your application. Contact the department for the correct UT EID and further instructions.

I have sent in all of the required documents to the department. The Graduate and International Admission Center (GIAC) status check says that they have received all required materials but my application status is still showing “Incomplete”. What is wrong?

Although GIAC has received all of the required documents, they have not finished reviewing and certifying them. At peak admissions periods it can take up to two weeks before this review is completed. Once GIAC has completed the evaluation of these documents, they will refer the application to the department for a decision. At that time, and if all other required materials are in, the Department will be able to mark your application as “Complete”.