Application Information

Athletic Training Program

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

Application Process

Students are selected once per year in the spring and summer for fall semester admission to Athletic Training. A maximum of 60 students can be enrolled, so the number of students accepted to the program depends on the available openings and may vary each year. If the number of applicants meeting the prerequisite requirements exceeds the number of openings, the applicants will be ranked in each of the following categories with the best score receiving a “1”:

  1. Directed Observation Student Evaluation Scores
  2. Overall GPA
  3. Percentage score in KIN 219K Introduction to Athletic Training
  4. Percentage score in KIN 312 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries  
  5. GPA for prerequisite courses

You will earn the number of points associated with your ranking in each category. The total number of points will determine your rank. Openings will then be filled beginning with the student receiving the best score (lowest point total). In the event of a tie score, the student with the higher overall grade point average will be selected first.

In the event there are more openings than applicants that meet the prerequisite requirements, the following process will take place for students that have only ONE area of non-compliance with the prerequisite requirements.

1.) Students who are deficient in only ONE of the standard prerequisite requirements will be ranked and selected in the manner described above. If there are positions available after this second tier of admissions, those positions will not be filled.

For example, if a student has a cumulative GPA of 2.4 but they meet all of the other prerequisite requirements they would be allowed to participate in this process. However, if the student’s cumulative GPA was 2.4 and their Directed Observation Student evaluation scores were 72% (both below the standards) then they would not be allowed to participate in this process.

2) Students who did not meet the program’s standard prerequisite requirements, but were admitted during this alternative process will be placed on probation. Each probationary student will be required to meet with the program director who will determine the length of the probation and the requirements needed to terminate the probationary status. The student will be required to sign a memorandum of agreement that details the length and specific requirements of the probation. If the student does not meet the requirements of the memorandum in the allotted time, the student will be suspended or removed from the program.

3) If the student fulfills the requirements of his or her probation in the allotted time, the probationary status will be lifted and the student will be expected to meet the Athletic Training Program’s / major’s requirements for retention as outlined in the Athletic Training Program Student Handbook.

4) If a student is removed from the Athletic Training Program / major and wishes to re-apply, the student will be required to repeat the entire application process.

Current Directed Observation Students

If you have either completed or are currently in the Directed Observation Program, please follow the directions in the admissions packet.

Current UT Students NOT Enrolled in the Directed Observation Program

Please stop by SZB 216 and sign up to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your options. You will also be required to attend an orientation meeting with the Athletic Training Program faculty. The sign-up sheet for the meeting is also located in SZB 216.

During the meeting, we will review the information on the program and speak with you about potential involvement in the Directed Observation Program. All students who plan on applying to the program must attend an orientation meeting. Please see the admissions packet for details on the admission requirements.

High School and Non-UT Students

Complete the University of Texas at Austin undergraduate admissions application. Once admitted:

  1. Contact the program director or an academic advisor to express your interest in majoring in athletic training.
  2. Schedule an appointment in SZB 216 to meet with an academic advisor to discuss your options.
  3. Attend an orientation meeting for the program. We do not admit first-year UT students directly into the major. You must first complete the Directed Observation Program before you apply. Please see the admissions packet for additional information.

You should note that our program will take four years to complete regardless of your previous coursework. You will be required to spend one year in the Directed Observation Program then, if admitted, it will take you three more years to complete the coursework and clinical rotation requirements.

Non-UT students transferring from another Athletic Training Program

If you are enrolled in another college or university athletic training program or if you have completed that program’s version of the Directed Observation Program or “pre-athletic training program”, you should contact the program director to inform him of your plans to apply as a transfer student. Please see the admissions packet for specific details and requirements for transfer students.

Transfer Credit Information

Students who intend to transfer to UT should speak with an advisor from the Transfer Admissions Office by calling (512) 475-7440. Students may also take advantage of the Coordinated Admissions Program.


You will be notified via letter whether you have been admitted, denied, or admitted on probation. If you have been admitted on a probationary status, you will also receive a memorandum explaining the terms of the probation. You will be asked to return a form that states whether or not you accept the admissions offer. Probationary students are also asked to return a signed and dated copy of the probationary memorandum. The letter also informs you of your clinical assignment and contact information for your preceptor. You are responsible for contacting your preceptor to receive specific information on the rotation.

If You Are Not Accepted

If a Directed Observation/ pre-athletic training student is not accepted to the Athletic Training Program, he or she may repeat the Directed Observation Program and re-apply for the following year if interested. Students who are not enrolled in the program will NOT be permitted to enroll in ATP courses or participate in clinical education experiences.

If a student is not admitted to the program after two attempts, the student may not re-enroll in the Directed Observation Program and any future applications will not be considered.