Anna Hiss

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Professor, 1918-1957


A pioneering, undaunted visionary and crusader for physical activity opportunities for college women.

Envisioned and Designed

  • Anna Hiss Gymnasium
  • Girls’ Athletic Field
  • Tennis Courts
  • Archery & Golf Areas
  • Indoor Archery & Golf Rooms
  • Indoor Tennis Rooms


  • Teacher Training Program
  • Intramural Sports Program for Women
  • Women’s Sports Clubs (UTSA)
  • Co-recreational Program
  • UT Orange Jackets
  • Campus League of Women Voters

Career Highlights

  • Director of Physical Training for Women 1918-1957
  • Professor of Physical Training for Women 1941-1957
  • Founder and President (1926-27), TAHPER
  • Honor Award from: TAHPER Southern District AHPER AAHPER
  • President’s Committee of 50, National Conference on College Hygiene
  • Delegate, National Conference on Collegiate Physical Education
  • Co-Chair of SAHPER Delegation to International Relations Conference, Copenhagen, 1949