From the Front Lines

Dean Charles Martinez hosts a series of candid conversations with College of Education alumni who are working in Texas public schools.

Spotlight on District and School Leaders

April 29, 2021

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt schools and learning, administrators have faced extraordinary challenges as they navigate uncharted terrain in supporting teachers and students who also have to navigate novel forms of virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning during the pandemic. Dean Martinez talks with principals and superintendents about the struggles they’ve faced and the creative solutions they’ve identified to help their faculty and students persevere.

Spotlight on Special Education

March 30, 2021

Dean Martinez is joined by teachers and administrators working with students with high-incidence disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder, mild-to-moderate learning disabilities, and speech and language disorders.

A Candid Conversation with Teachers and School Leaders Navigating COVID-19

December 9, 2020

In the first of this series, Dean Martinez has a candid conversation with an administrator and four teachers about working in schools during a pandemic.


  • Katie Allison, B.S. ’19, Third Grade ESL Teacher at Houston Elementary in Austin ISD
  • Alejandra Ortega, B.S. ’15, Ninth Grade Assistant Principal at Furr High School in Houston ISD
  • Pedro Berlanga, M.Ed. ’19,Social Studies Teacher at Akin High School in Austin ISD
  • Luz Alvarez-Sims, M.Ed. ’19, Fourth Grade Dual Language Teacher at Travis Heights Elementary in Austin ISD
  • Iris Treinies, B.S. ’19, Third Grade ESL Teacher at Cunningham Elementary in Austin ISD