Undergraduate Scholarships

The College of Education offers a variety of scholarships thanks to our generous alumni, supporters and friends. Some awards are merit-based, others are need-based and many are available only to those who have chosen a particular area of study or who meet certain criteria. Last year, our students received more than $500,000 in merit and need-based awards.

The College of Education Scholarship Application Period: January – March.

Students and families interested in additional scholarships opportunities offered by the University can visit UT Austin’s Texas One Stop for more information. 

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for need-based scholarships every year. The application will open in December.

The University of Texas at Austin’s priority deadline is March 15. You can still submit the FAFSA after that date, but some financial aid might not be available.

Financial aid is also available for non-US citizens. If you are a not a US citizen or permanent resident of the US, but are classified as a Texas resident, submit the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) or eTASFA in CASH.

For more information about FAFSA and TASFA, please review additional information from Texas One Stop and from the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office:

  • Personal Information – this is auto-populated from UT Direct
  • Academic Information
  • Criteria Checklist
  • Honors, Awards, Community Involvement and Activities
  • Work and Internship Experiences
  • Financial Information
  • KHE Students: Personal Statement

Scholarship Application Link Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a College of Education Scholarship?

Incoming first-year students are automatically considered for CoE scholarship awards based on information from the scholarship section of the ApplyTexas application.

Current students should apply through the College of Education Scholarship Application. An application link will be provided soon.

What is the deadline for submitting my scholarship application?

The scholarship system will be open for current undergraduate students from January – March.

I am not able to log in to the scholarship system. What should I do?

Contact Jessica Amaral. Please make sure to include your UT EID in your message.

I did not receive an award last year. Should I still apply?

Yes! Even if you think you’re not likely to qualify for an award, it’s still a good idea to apply.

When will I know if I received a scholarship?

Scholarship recipients are notified via e-mail in early July for fall awards.

Why should I do this?

All students at the University are required to write a thank you letter for the scholarship and fellowship awards they receive.

It’s a good practice to formally write a thank you letter. Your award was funded by a gift someone gave the College specifically to be used as a scholarship for students. This thank you letter is an opportunity for you to share the impact their gift has made.

Are there any guidelines for writing these thank-you letters?

Yes! Thank you letter guidelines will be sent in your notification e-mail.

Where do I send my thank you letter?

After you receive notification of your scholarship award, you will be added to the COE Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients Canvas group. Please upload your thank you letter through Canvas.

How will I receive my scholarship funds?

You can determine how you would like your scholarship disbursed. Options include:

  • Direct deposit
  • Check mailed to your address on file
  • Pick-up check in person from the Office of Accounting

To set up direct deposit, where the funds are automatically deposited into your bank account, go to My Bank Info or the Finance section of your MyUT page to update your information.

When will I receive my scholarship funds?

Awards are disbursed on the thirteenth class day in the fall or spring semester. It may take longer to actually receive the money in your bank account. See the disbursement process for more information.

Check your CASH: Check Aid Status Here page for any outstanding requirements that may delay the disbursement process.

What is the process involved in the award disbursement?

Several offices must approve your award before it reaches your bank account or a check is issued. This process can take a few days or a few weeks.

College of Education Processes Award: After you submit your thank you letter to the Development Office, your funds will be scheduled for release on the thirteenth class day of the fall or spring semester. Funds will leave the College of Education and move to the Office of Financial Aid for review.

Office of Financial Aid Reviews Award: Your award is then reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). Your assigned financial aid counselor is notified that a scholarship has been posted to your record and then checks to see if your aid needs to be adjusted to include this scholarship. If your award has been accounted for, the OFA will let the funds proceed to the Office of Accounting for disbursement. If not, the OFA may adjust your financial aid.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions.

Office of Accounting Releases Funds: After your award is reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Accounting will check to see if you have any outstanding payments. If so, your scholarship will be applied toward this debt. The remaining funds will be directly deposited into your account or a check will be prepared to be mailed or picked up.

Check your What I Owe page for information about outstanding payments.

Will my College of Education award affect my financial aid?

Financial aid may be adjusted due to your College of Education scholarship. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for specific information regarding your financial aid package.

Important Dates

UT FAFSA Deadline:
March 15

College Scholarship Application:
January – March

Contact Information

Scholarship Coordinator
Jessica Amaral

Main Office
SZB 2.110