Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

We are agents of change committed to transforming education and health research, practice, and policy to ensure the thriving of children, families, schools, and communities. 

Our Mission 

We serve the people of Texas, the nation, and the world through transformational research and teaching. Our work is guided by a deep commitment to community partnership, and bridging research to practice. We respond to the most urgent problems in the field by implementing effective programs and policies and by developing the next generation of leaders to carry this work forward. We build upon individual, family, and community strengths in order to combat disparities in education and health and to promote social justice. 

Our Shared Values

EQUITY:  We ensure in words and actions that our work is centered on promoting equity, inclusion, and social justice. We strive to create education, health, and social systems that are culturally responsive, accessible, and relevant to diverse and underserved communities. 

EXCELLENCE: We are uncompromising in striving for excellence in all we do. We are committed to evaluation and continuous improvement to ensure that our teaching, research, and service to our communities represent the state of the art in the field.

INNOVATION:  We promote creativity, challenge the status quo, and pursue research and practices that have the promise to improve lives and enhance wellbeing. We continuously seek new ways to advance knowledge and address essential challenges in education and health by promoting collaboration in our teaching, research, and service.

EMPOWERMENT:  We value, respect, and listen to multiple perspectives, and invite students, faculty, staff, and community partners to use their voices to advance our shared understanding, and to direct our collective efforts to improve education and health outcomes.

COMMUNITY CENTERED: We focus research and programmatic efforts on responding to pressing challenges encountered in the real world. We collaborate authentically with our partners, listen carefully, and work to leverage community assets and strengths in addressing problems of practice.

BRIDGING RESEARCH TO PRACTICE: We lead in the development and implementation of evidence-based practices and research-informed decision making while ensuring that such practices are culturally responsive and informed by community needs and strengths.