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Minority Liaison Officers

Photo of Matt Bowers

Matthew Bowers

Associate Professor of Instruction

Examines the management of systems for athlete development, including how different sport settings influence performance and participation over the lifespan.

Photo of Norma Cantu

Norma Cantú, J.D.

Ken McIntyre Professor for Excellence in School Leadership

With a background as assistant secretary of education for Civil Rights in the Clinton Administration, she teaches topics in civil rights and the intersection of law and policy in education.

Photo of North Cooc

North Cooc

Associate Professor

Explores how family background, culture, and school contextual factors influence decisions and trajectory outcomes within special education.

Photo of Natasha Strassfeld

Natasha Strassfeld

Assistant Professor

Examines how law and policy shape special education service delivery, how racialized minority and ethnic students are (mis)identified for special education placements, and how special education is provided in the juvenile justice system.

Photo of Luis Urrieta

Luis Urrieta, Jr.

Professor, Program Coordinator

Charles H. Spence, Sr. Centennial Professor in Education

Follows trends around cultural and racial identities, agency, migration, and social movements in education.

Ex-officio Members

Photo of Charles Martinez

Charles Martinez, Jr.


Lee Hage Jamail Regents Chair in Education, Sid W. Richardson Regents Chair

Focuses on identifying factors that hinder or promote the success of children and families from vulnerable and underserved populations.

Photo of Richard Reddick

Richard J. Reddick


Examines the experiences of faculty of color at predominantly White institutions; mentoring relationships between faculty and Black students; and work-life balance in academia.