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Student Organizations

Take full advantage of your college experience by getting involved in the College of Education’s diversity-related student groups. 

Lactation Rooms

For nursing mothers and for others requiring rest for medical reasons related to a non-contagious condition.

Gender-inclusive Bathroom

Located on the 1st floor of the Sánchez building, across from Al Kiva.

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

University Resources

Counselors in Academic Residence Program (CARE)

CARE is the university's Counseling and Mental Health Center program that was created in collaboration with the Office of the Provost. CARE’s primary mission is to provide access to mental health support for students who are struggling emotionally and/or academically. The College of Education CARE counselor, Danie White, has regular office hours 1-2p.m. T/F in SZB 212E, (512) 232-6862.

Gender Equity Council

A university-wide initiative focused on promoting faculty gender equity.

Council for Racial and Ethnic Equity and Diversity (CREED)

Advances faculty diversity by working to remove barriers, ensure fairness in university policies and practices, and to facilitate an inclusive climate of advancement and growth for all faculty.

Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Works with a broad range of student, faculty, staff, and community constituents to help The University of Texas at Austin connect its intellectual resources to communities across Texas and offer education to those who may face the greatest challenges in accessing it. 

Title IX Office

Provides leadership and support around Title IX regulations and implement best practices for preventing sexual discrimination and gender-based violence at the University of Texas at Austin.

Faculty Ombuds

The Office of the Faculty Ombuds at The University of Texas at Austin provides faculty with a prompt and professional way to resolve conflicts, disputes, or complaints beyond turning to their supervisors. The office assists faculty with any work-related difficulty, including interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings, as well as academic or administrative concerns. 

Student Ombuds

Staff in the Student Ombuds Office listen to students’ concerns about life at the university and confidentially discuss interpersonal difficulties, university policies, university bureaucracy, and conflict resolution techniques. 

William T. Grant Foundation Report

Moving it Forward: The Power of Mentoring, and How Universities Can Confront Institutional Barriers Facing Junior Researchers of Color