English as a Second Language
Core Subjects/Generalist (Early Childhood – 6th Grade)

Bachelor’s Program

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Early Childhood – 6th Grade Generalist ESL Certificate Program (ESL GEN) is designed for students seeking Texas certification to teach in elementary school classrooms. You will earn a B.S. in Education. 


  • developmental issues of children
  • learning theory
  • elementary school content
  • social and emotional learning
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • and teaching methods

This interdisciplinary major prepares you to teach children with a variety of backgrounds and abilities with a strong component of field experience in public schools.

Program Overview

Classroom Teaching Experience

Program Benefits

Small Class Sizes

Hands-on Learning

Up to 800 Classroom Hours

Study Abroad Options

Certification Passing Rate Exceeds 95%

Stipend from AISD