How to Apply to the Urban Teachers Program

Undergraduate Applicants

Only degree-seeking students enrolled at UT Austin are eligible to apply for the Urban Teachers undergraduate certification program.  Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in an accepted major.  If you have questions about the application process or how your major qualifies for the program, contact us at

NOTE: you should be applying for the program in the spring of your junior year at UT.

Please read this whole page before starting your application.


Contact Richard Hogeda, assistant dean in the Office of Student Affairs, to review your timeline, address coursework recommendations, and learn about the program. After that, speak with the advisor for your program area of the University of Texas Urban Teachers.

For general questions about the application process, your eligibility, and to choose a subject area: Urban Teacher Outreach:


Submit your application and essay online through the Professional Development Sequence (PDS) between January 19 and February 18.

This application requires an EID. Follow the directions on UT Direct to create a TEA account and receive an assigned TEA ID number. You will also upload your application essay online. 

In your essay, describe your understanding of the dynamics and importance of linguistically and culturally diverse learning contexts and your future role as a classroom teacher. You are encouraged to reference personal and professional experiences as well as any scholarly work that has influenced your decision to become a classroom teacher through the Urban Teachers program. Please mention what content area you would like to teach: English Language Arts or Social Studies/History.

Please double-space. Target length: approximately 500 words.


Once your PDS application is received and under review, you will receive an email from us.  At this time, you will apply separately to Breakthrough Central Texas.

Students begin the program in an intensive summer experience: two courses (6 credits) during summer sessions I-II, carefully planned in concert with a full-time, paid position at Breakthrough Central Texas.  This mandatory program component requires a separate application for employment with Breakthrough Central Texas. 

Please do not apply to Breakthrough Central Texas before receiving an email from us with specific details related to our program!