Quantitative Methods

Department of Educational Psychology

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The Department of Educational Psychology offers both a doctoral (Ph.D.) and master’s (M.Ed.) specialization in Quantitative Methods.

The master’s specialization is designed to provide the knowledge and technical skills that can prepare one for several professional roles including social science researcher or statistical analyst for testing companies, academic institutions, state and federal agencies, or school districts.

In the Quantitative Methods Ph.D. specialization, students are prepared as professional educational researchers who understand and apply advanced quantitative research methods to address social problems and conduct sophisticated methodological research.

Our graduates are employed in a variety of settings, such as:

  • colleges and universities
  • professional testing organizations
  • educational research and development agencies
  • industrial psychology agencies
  • governing agencies of higher education
  • state departments of education
  • research and program evaluation divisions of large school districts 



Affiliated Research Lab

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Area Chair
Hyeon-Ah Kang