Kinesiology and Health Education

A World of Movement

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Our department is dedicated to innovation in and the promotion of health science. Our students and faculty study human movement, health behavior, and sport culture. Each program is designed to expose students to exciting research and valuable experience in the classroom and through internships. Graduates are prepared to apply their knowledge to improve their communities, pursue a range of graduate school opportunities, and contribute to the world of sports and public health.

Each of our master’s, doctoral, and undergraduate programs explore different topics within kinesiology and health education. We provide our students with modern research labs, vast historical archives, caring advisors, and field-leading, innovative faculty. These resources allow each student to get the most out of their degree and academic experience.

Faculty member Brian Farr demonstrates spinal alignment to a group of students.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students can choose from majors and minors that cover health science and promotion as well sport management and culture. Students are prepared to become teachers, therapists, coaches and doctors.

A man runs on a treadmill while a woman and another man look on.

Graduate Programs

Master’s and Doctoral programs are designed to educate students while exposing them to impactful research and real-world work experience. The combination of coursework, internships and research prepare students for a meaningful career.


Photo of Liesl Nydegger

A Holistic Approach to Preventing HIV in Women at Risk

Despite a significant decrease in new HIV/AIDS infections since the 1980s, high-risk populations are not receiving sufficient resources to protect themselves against infection. Kinesiology and Health Education Assistant Professor Liesl Nydegger is working with these local communities to find life-saving interventions.

Photo of San Yoon

Department Saddened by the Passing of Martial Arts Instructor San Yoon

Master San Yoon, a legend in the martial arts world and a 9th degree black belt in three disciplines, joined the department in 1997. Since that time until his death, he coordinated and taught martial arts classes. His instructional methods for Taekwondo were adopted by a number of universities, demonstrating the wide impact of his teaching methods on the discipline. The department will host a celebration of Master Yoon's life January 31, 6 to 8 p.m., in Bellmont 1005.

Photo of Hirofumi Tanaka

Discovery Minute: Hirofumi Tanaka

Professor Hirofumi Tanaka explains hardening of the arteries, why it is an important indicator of aging, and what can be done to maintain arterial health.