Careers in Athletic Training

Athletic Training Program

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

The days of a “trainer” lugging a water bottle and sponge bucket on the sidelines are long gone. Athletic trainers are skilled healthcare professionals who work alongside physicians and other professionals to prevent, assess, diagnose and manage activity related conditions in a variety of patient populations – from the general public to elite athletes.

While many of our graduates have gone on to work with amateur or professional athletes, they also work in

  • hospitals
  • physician offices
  • sports medicine clinics
  • law enforcement
  • the military
  • athletics departments at all levels
  • performing arts
  • occupational and industrial settings

Additional Career Options

An athletic trainer’s skills can be used in practically any environment in which there are people engaged in physical activity. In addition to the settings listed above, some also enter less traditional settings such as

  • product and pharmaceutical sales,
  • marketing positions with healthcare companies, and
  • management positions in clinics and hospitals.

Many continue their education and become physicians (MD, DO), physician assistants (PA), chiropractors (DC), nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, surgical assistants and technicians, professors, educators, and researchers.

Organizations That Have Hired Our Graduates

Professional Sports Teams

Colleges and Universities

School Districts