Degree Requirements and Courses for Exercise Physiology Ph.D. Students

Specific requirements for the doctoral degree program are outlined below. All organized graduate courses (i.e., not including Directed Research) taken in Exercise Physiology must be taken for a letter grade. Courses taken outside of Exercise Physiology may be taken on a credit/no credit basis (with advisor’s approval), as allowed by the Graduate School (i.e., no more than 6 credit hours, or 20% of the total hours on the Program of Work).

Ph.D. Required Coursework

  • Coursework in Exercise Physiology (minimum 18 hrs)
    • KIN 382 Advanced Lab Techniques in Exercise Physiology
    • KIN 395 Cardiovascular Responses and Adaptations to Exercise
    • KIN 395 Human Cardiovascular and Autonomic Physiology
    • KIN 395 Pulmonary Exercise Physiology
    • KIN 395 Sports Nutrition
    • KIN 395 Endocrine Physiology
  • Directed/independent study and doctoral seminar (minimum 6 hrs)
    • KIN 196 Doctoral seminar for 2 consecutive Fall semesters
    • KIN 296 (or KIN 396) Directed or independent research for 2 semesters 
  • Statistics and grant writing (minimum 9 hrs)
    • KIN 386 Research Methods: Grant Writing (offered every other year)
    • At least two advisor-approved graduate statistics or research methods courses (see flowchart)
  • Supporting coursework outside Department (minimum 6 hrs)
    • At least two advisor-approved courses (see below for a list of suggested courses)
  • Dissertation (minimum 18 hrs)
    • KIN 999R/999W (or KIN 699 and KIN 399) Dissertation

Department Courses

Organized Courses in Exercise Physiology

  • KIN 395 Aging and Cardiovascular/Disease Risks
  • KIN 395 Conditioning for Competitive Athletics
  • KIN 395 Environmental Physiology
  • KIN 395 Ergogenic aids for exercise
  • KIN 395 Exercise and Preventive Medicine
  • KIN 395 Exercise as Medicine
  • KIN 395 Human Anatomy Dissection

Sample Graduate Statistics Courses

  • EDP 380C Fundamental Statistics
  • EDP 480C Statistical Analysis for Experimental Data
  • EDP 482K Experimental Design and Statistical Inference
  • EDP 480C Correlation and Regression
  • EDP 380K Survey of Multivariate Methods
  • SSC 382 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • SSC 385 Topics in Applied Statistics: Experimental Design
  • SSC 385 Topics in Applied Statistics: Applied Regression
  • SSC 385 Topics in Applied Statistics: Applied Multivariate Methods

Research Methods Course Options

  • KIN 386 Research Methods: Proposal Writing
  • KIN 386 Research Methods: Grant Writing

Laboratory Techniques Course

  • KIN 382 Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology

Sample Non-department Courses (Electives)

Exercise Physiology students have taken a variety of non-departmental courses to complement their degree plans and programs of study.

  • ANT 391L Analysis of Primate Anatomy
  • ANT 392L Physical Anthropology: Morphology/Evolution
  • BCH 395J Genes/Genomes/Gene Expression
  • BIO 365S Human Systems Physiology
  • BIO 382K Informatics/Data Analyses Life Science
  • BIO 384K Human Variation
  • BME 385J Adv Oral Comm Intl Eng Stud
  • BME 385J Adv Written Comm Intl Eng Stud
  • N 382 Sociocultural Influences on Health
  • N 396C Advanced Pathophysiology
  • NEU 185D Responsible Conduct of Science
  • NEU 383C Functional Neuroanatomy
  • NEU 383T Principles of Neuroscience II
  • NEU 385L Neurobiology of Disease
  • NEU 394P Career Dev for Neuroscientists
  • NEU 394P Grant Writing Behavioral Biological Science
  • NEU 394P Sensory Motor Systems
  • NEU 482T Principles of Neuroscience I
  • NTR 390 Molecular Nutritional Science
  • NTR 390 Principles of Epidemiology in Nutritional Science
  • PGS 384S Introduction to Epidemiology
  • PGS 384T Advanced Epidemiology
  • PGS 386C Cellular/Systems Physiology I
  • PGS 386D Cellular/System Physiology II
  • PGS 388C Intro Bioorganic Chemistry
  • PSY 184R Data Analysis with R
  • PSY387S Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • SOC 389K Human Mortality
  • SOC 395J Gender, Health, and Society
  • SOC 395L Race and the Body