Graduate Students

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Graduate Students

Preparing Future Leaders in Education and Health Professions

As a graduate student in the College of Education, you will learn skills and theories that lead to positive change in education, policy, and public health. Our research-driven programs allow you to work alongside expert faculty, tackling issues that have a direct effect on the lives and education of children and communities.

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College of Education

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Educational Psychology

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Kinesiology and Health Education

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Special Education

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Educational Administration and Supervision

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Why Our College

Our college is highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report. Across our departments, we value teaching, community, high-impact research, and rigorous academics that make our college one of the best in the country.
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Social Justice and Equity

The College of Education is committed to a culture of equity, inclusion, social justice, and diversity in which students, faculty, and staff engage in an environment that is welcoming and respectful of all people. We embrace these tenets as evidenced in our research, curricula, and service to the community as we prepare our graduates to succeed in a diverse world.
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Education Research

Our research spans topics of teaching, higher education, psychology, sport culture, and public health. Students and faculty explore issues that directly affect local communities and education policies throughout the country.
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Mentors, peers, and student organizations provide you with guidance and support on and off campus. You will be able to find like-minded individuals and groups that will enrich your professional and personal growth as a graduate student.
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Financial Support and Employment

Fellowships and financial aid provide ways to make your graduate school experience more affordable. Student and academic employment opportunities allow you to reduce the burden of tuition while gaining valuable work experience.
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University Resources

Being a part of such a large university has its perks. The University of Texas at Austin offers resources and support for your research, writing, academics, community, and personal health.