Early Childhood - 6th Grade English as a Second Language Core Subjects/Generalist

A young woman sitting on the floor explains a concept to a young boy.

Program Benefits

Small Class Sizes

Hands-on Learning

Up to 800 Classroom Hours

Study Abroad Options

Certification Passing Rate Exceeds 95%

The Early Childhood - 6th Grade Generalist ESL Certificate Program (ESL GEN) is designed for students seeking Texas certification to teach in elementary school classrooms. You will earn a B.S. in Education. 


  • developmental issues of children
  • learning theory
  • elementary school content
  • social and emotional learning
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • and teaching methods

This interdisciplinary major prepares you to teach children with a variety of backgrounds and abilities with a strong component of field experience in public schools.

Courses in This Major

As an Early Childhood to Sixth Grade ESL Generalist major, you will take 18 hours of courses that focus on individual differences, cultural and linguistic diversity, human learning in multilingual and multicultural context, social concerns, children’s cognitive, social and emotional developmental theories, motivational value of play, effective physical education, health education and social justice.

  • ALD 320 Cognition, Human Learning, & Motivation
  • ALD 321 Play in Early Childhood Development
  • ALD 322 Individual Differences
  • ALD 327 Sociocultural Influences on Learning
  • ALD 329 Acquisition of Language & Literacies
  • HED 329K Child & Adolescent Health
  • KIN 314 Children’s Movement

Gain Classroom Teaching Experience

In addition to core coursework, you will participate in a Professional Development Sequence (PDS). Through this teacher preparation program, you will learn the foundations of teaching from coursework, fieldwork and observations, and be placed in elementary classrooms at several grade levels over the course of three semesters. You will earn up to 800 hours of classroom experience and be well prepared to demonstrate leadership and experience in your future teaching position.

You will also learn the fundamentals of teaching such as:

  • how to prepare engaging lesson plans
  • developing skills for consulting with classroom teachers and parents
  • how to support and advocate for students who are not native English speakers

Our program has close connections with local area school districts, and a strong alumni network to support placements in student teaching.

How to Apply