New College of Education Requirement for Graduating Seniors!

All College of Education students who plan to graduate during the Fall 2021 semester must submit a one-page, Graduation Exit Requirement by December 13th, 2021. Learn more about the process or contact Laura Costello, our director of data, assessment, and evaluation, with any questions.

Undergraduate students in the College of Education must apply online to graduate during their final semester of coursework.  The online Graduation Application is available from the twelfth class day (fourth class day in summer) until the mid-semester deadline. The official University mid-semester deadline varies from semester to semester, please consult the current semester’s Academic calendar for an exact date.  Students whose graduation applications were declined in the previous semester are required to re-apply for graduation.  Late applications are not accepted.

Fall and Spring undergraduates in the College of Education are not allowed to enroll in courses at other institutions outside of the University of Texas at Austin during their final semester.  Summer undergraduates may complete courses at other institutions in the first session only. Second session courses completed at other institutions are not accepted for summer graduation.

Grades from outstanding transfer coursework, correspondence courses, UT Extension courses, or courses claimed through Credit by Exam must be posted to the academic record by the official mid-semester deadline. Late coursework will not be accepted.

Commencement Ceremonies are offered in the Spring and Fall semesters. Summer graduates may walk in the Spring ceremony before they graduate, or walk in the Fall ceremony after they graduate.

Important Note: Undergraduates in the College of Education are strongly encouraged to run an Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) prior to completing the graduation application. If any degree requirements are not met, students should contact an academic advisor in SZB 216. 

Graduation with University Honors

Undergraduates in the College of Education are eligible to graduate with University Honors if they:

  1. have completed at least 60 semester hours in residence at UT Austin,

  2. have at least a 3.50 GPA in courses taken in residence at UT Austin, and

  3. are ranked in the top 20% of the graduating class.

The top 4% of the graduating class who meet all the requirements will receive Highest Honors, the next 6% will receive High Honors, and the next 10% will receive Honors. Those students receiving Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors will have it noted on their official transcripts, as well as on their diplomas.

The May graduating class for each academic year sets the GPA requirements for August and December graduates. For example, if students who graduate with University Honors in May earned GPA's of 3.6950 and higher, then only students who meet all the qualifications and have GPA's of 3.6950 or higher will graduate with University Honors in August and December of that academic year.

Registration In Absentia

All students must be registered at the University in the semester they wish to graduate. Undergraduate students who have completed all degree requirements for graduation, but are not currently enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin must Register in Absentia. The application must be downloaded and returned to SZB 216 in person, by mail, email, or fax.

UT Extension courses are not considered “in residence”. Students enrolled in self-paced UT Extension courses who are not enrolled in University of Texas at Austin courses must Register in Absentia.

Please know that Registration in Absentia does not constitute student status. University facilities cannot be used, ID Cards will not be validated, and students are not eligible for University housing or financial aid.

The deadline to Register in Absentia is the official University mid-semester deadline.

NOTE: Students may contact the College of Education Student Division at (512) 471-3223) with any questions about the application process.

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