Graduation Exit Requirement

The Requirement

We want every College of Education graduate to be fully prepared to meet the needs and challenges of their chosen profession by understanding how the Signature Impact Areas affect educational and health outcomes.

All College of Education students, graduate and undergraduate, must submit a one-page capstone reflection paper during the semester you graduate that shows how your major, specialization, or concentration relates to at least one Signature Impact Area. Your one-page reflection paper will also contribute to your program's assessment and accreditation requirements.

You may have completed this exercise already as part of a course requirement or as you advanced to Ph.D. candidacy. You may submit a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement to meet this requirement. 

The submission deadline for fall 2022 graduates is December 9, 2022.  

Signature Impact Areas

College leadership developed three Signature Impact Areas related to equity, context, and transitions that represent our college goals as part of our vision to Reimagine Education:

  • Advancing equity and eliminating disparities in education and health
  • Attending to place and context
  • Thriving through transitions

Watch the Videos on YouTube

Reimagine Education Equity video on YouTube.
Reimagine Education Context video on YouTube.
Reimagine Education Transitions video on YouTube.


  1. College faculty and staff can leverage what you write as they prepare recommendation letters on your behalf.
  2. You can include your summary in your resume portfolio as either a personal statement or a diversity statement.
  3. You will be able to stand out from other job candidates by communicating how your understanding of equity, context, or transitions enables you to serve those in your desired career during job interviews.
  4. You could be randomly selected to receive a college graduation cord and certificate of recognition.
I interviewed for a Data Scientist position and one of the first questions that they asked me was: This research firm is committed to equity and diversity. Can you tell me about your commitment to equity? I answered basically like I answered the summary question.
It was very helpful to have done that exercise beforehand as I was not expecting that question. I was able to tie my work with equity. 

-Doctoral Candidate, Educational Psychology, Quantitative Methods