Course Change Procedures

College of Education Advisors are here to help!

In light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, below are the adapted Q-drop, Pass/Fail, and Withdrawal Procedures.



Withdrawal – Drop all classes without completing the current semester.

Standard Pass/Fail – Courses taken on a pass/fail basis can only be used as elective credits. They will not count towards your degree requirements. You will receive “CR” for the course as long as you earn a “D-“ or better. Earning an “F” in the course will still appear as a failing grade on transcripts and will count against your GPA. A maximum of 5 courses may be taken P/F in your academic career. 

Courses taken pass/fail in Spring 2020 are allowed to count towards degree requirements due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Pass/Fail – November 2020: UT Austin created a COVID-19 P/F option. Every undergraduate student is allowed to switch up to 3 classes over the Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021 semesters to pass/fail and still use them towards their degree requirements. Requests can be submitted to Advisors January 6 – May 28, 2021.  

You will be able to view your final grades prior to making a decision to take these exceptions. Although you can submit a request for the COVID-19 Pass/Fail Exception prior to viewing your final grades, it may be advisable you wait until after the spring 2021 semester and before May 28, 2021, so that you can make the best decision to optimize your three conversions over both semesters.  

Q-drop – You will be dropped from the course(s) for the remainder of the semester. Your grade will appear as a “Q” on transcripts. A maximum of 6 courses may be dropped in your academic career.

Courses Q-dropped in Spring 2020 were considered non-academic drops and did not count against the 6-course drop limit due to COVID-19.

E-mail your advisor using the template below. The advisor will contact you for a 10-minute zoom meeting to discuss and process paperwork.

Email Subject: Your Name (EID) – type of request - course name
Body of email: Be sure to include your full name, EID, Request to (Withdrawal, Pass/Fail, Q-drop), Course (i.e., M408C), and the course’s unique number.

Over max hours – For students who want to register for more than 17 hours in any given semester.

Discuss this with your advisor during pre-registration advising to make sure you qualify for this option.

Time Conflict Override – For students who need to take courses that have a time conflict and have instructor permission to do so.

E-mail your advisor about the situation, explaining why you need to take both courses. Your advisor will send you a form to have both faculty members sign electronically (PDF signature will be required). You will submit the completed form to your advisor for further processing.  

Fieldwork and Internship Requests – For students who are planning to do an internship or fieldwork in Fall 2020.

Discuss this with your advisor during pre-registration advising, your advisor will fill out the appropriate forms and send them to you along with the necessary instructions. Once the forms are complete, your supervising faculty member will email the completed forms to Daniela Kaufman for processing.