Content Guidelines

Office of Marketing and Communications

The College of Education website is a marketing vehicle for prospective undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. The topics covered and their placement on the website is determined solely by the Office of Marketing and Communication. The office manages the website’s strategic direction and development in conjunction with the dean. The director of communication has oversight of the site’s marketing and editorial direction. The web manager has oversight of user experience, including site architecture, project direction and management, client relations, and all creative and production aspects involved with maintaining the site.

The college’s Information Technology Office manages the server hosting the site, software updates, the database, and any security needs related to the site.

The Office of Instructional Innovation provides technology integration and instructional design support for College of Education faculty and instructors.

General Content Guidelines

Faculty news including leadership announcements, new faculty, faculty promotions and tenure, prestigious awards, large and/or prestigious grants, op-eds, and faculty in the media may be posted to the College of Education website as either a news item written by the Office of Marketing and Communication or as a link to a pre-existing announcement on another website.

Further promotion of faculty news is determined by the Office of Marketing and Communication. Possible communication vehicles include faculty/staff newsletters, social media, department landing page features, and other media the office deems appropriate.

Student news including prestigious awards, grants, fellowships, op-eds, relevant media appearances, or other significant achievements that are relevant to the College of Education may be posted to the College of Education website as either a news item written by the Office of Marketing and Communication or as a link to a pre-existing announcement on another website.

Student news items will be shared through social media channels as deemed appropriate.

Placement of student news in featured slots on the college homepage and department landing pages is not guaranteed and will be determined based on the topic and stature. Additional guidelines on placement are available in the College Homepage Feature Placement and Department Landing Page Placement sections below.

Alumni can submit class notes regarding significant promotions, awards, or achievements. Class notes will be brief and aggregated on the College of Education website in the Alumni News area.

The office reserves the right to treat more prestigious awards differently. For example, school-level teacher-of-the-year recipients will be published as a class note whereas district level recipients will be published as a class note and promoted through our social media channels.

Note that some alumni class notes may be expanded into feature stories to help tell the story of the College of Education as the office deems appropriate.

The feature slot on the college’s homepage is reserved for significant, college-wide marketing initiatives. Examples include content related to commencement and announcing the mission, vision, and strategy.

Decisions related to feature story placement are made at the discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Latest News on the homepage cycles through as news items are added to the website.

Departments can request specific story placement on department landing pages as features. The placement of internal events in these spaces will not be permitted. Events open to the public and prospective students will be considered.

A set number of upcoming events are displayed on department landing pages. These lists are automatically updated to show the events that are happening next.

The Office of Marketing and Communication is available to consult on event marketing, (i.e., signage, email campaigns, etc.). Please schedule a meeting with our team as early in the process as possible, preferably a minimum of two months in advance.

Monitor slides follow a standard format that includes the name of the award, name of the recipient, photo of the recipient, and a quote (if applicable). Departments can request a monitor slide recognizing the University of Texas System and UT Austin teaching awards, major or prominent awards in education- or health-related fields, AERA awards, Texas Ten recipients, and other relevant prestigious awards.

The Office of Marketing and Communication photographer takes headshots of tenured, tenure-track, and clinical faculty.

Company logos will not be placed on the College of Education website. 

Social Media Content Guidelines

The College of Education’s social media channels are vehicles for marketing to prospective students, their families, and faculty while engaging the college’s alumni, faculty, staff, current students, and friends. Story promotion through our social media channels is based on the college’s social media strategy at the discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communication’s social media team.

The team will select news items from our website and op-eds written by faculty or students to share through Facebook and Twitter.

Social media channels can be used to promote the awareness of events that would enhance the college’s reputation. If the event is open to the public, a Facebook event may be created to increase awareness of the event. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communication to set up a meeting with our team to discuss event marketing and additional event communications.

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